In Ui > Menu Screens > Status Value Distribution (menu part),
is it possible to show the real value of the defined status values ?

eg: i'd like to see the 'STR' status value increase by 10 when i equip an equipment giving me +10 STR
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    @kiwi The way that I'm displaying character stats is a Status Value List HUD and a Combatant Menu Part in the menu


    I think the Status Value Distribution is meant more for spending points in to stats.
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  • You mean you hide the in the Combatant Menu Part and instead show it with an HUD ?
    i'll give it a try, thank @GeneralK
  • The status value distribution operates on the base value of stats (i.e. without bonuses coming from equip, etc.), so that's the value it shows and that also defines when min/max is reached.
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