Thank you for always helping me.

I have added an On-Screen Button Component to a Button so that the menu appears when the Button created in Ui>Button is pressed, but the menu does not open.
The Positive Key that can be set in Base/Control>Input Keys>Input ID Setting and the Key of the On-Screen Button are set to the same F1.

Is it possible to open the menu in this way?
Is there any other better way?
  • How did you set it up on the button, can you show me your setup? Reacting to a regular (Unity) button being pressed in the UI, that'd usually require a setup with e.g. an Animation Machine that's started via the button click (e.g. using Animation Event start type). The machine's schematic would open the menu.

    For in-ORK solutions, you can either use HUD Click components or virtual controls to change the menu key's input (e.g. see this tutorial).
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  • Using the animation machine solved this problem.

    Thank you very much!
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