Hi, I've created an extension to the 'BaseStatusChangeType' to set the turn order when using an ability (set user delay or target or both) in Active Turn Based system.

//TurnValueStatusChangeType : BaseStatusChangeType
//Simplified for posting in the forum

public override void Use(Combatant user) {
user.Battle.TurnValue = addedDelay;

The problem is the 'turn value change' from my custom script seems to not counted as a preview and not preview turn order changes in the HUD.
The "Change Turn Value" and "Turn Base Order Changes" in 'Ability's Battle Animation Schemetic' are also not accounted for HUD previews.

But the preview HUD work as expected when I use the settings inside Ability/Use Settings/Battle Settings/Change Turn Order.

How can I set the turn value in the scripts to make the HUD preview work?
Or where do I have to look in the source code to fix this? (I can build the solution for my own use)

Extra question: Can 'Cast time' or 'Delay' be used to manipulate turn value in Turn Based instead of adding wait time after an action? (Like set the character as casting state and calculate the casting action when it's their next turn)

Thank you!
  • The GetChangeInfo is used for preview information, but that only has some preview content (status values, status effect changes) - there's currently no direct preview value for turn value changes.
    Things that are changed via schematics can't be previewed.

    Cast time/delay is time based, so that's not really compatible with turn based systems, unless you e.g. use dynamic combat where multiple actions happen at the same time. In that case, a time-based delay or action cast can make at least some sense :)
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  • Thank you for your reply, I have some ideas now thanks to your info.

    After going through the codes, I appreciate your work even more.
    ORK is definitely worth more than it's price, keep up the good work!
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