i have a Status Value (ATK POWER) with Combine Value checked (it uses a formula).
Giving bonus to this Status Value (with equipment) doesn't work. (eg: a sword with +10 ATK POWER will not change the ATK POWER value)
Is that normal ?

if yes, is there a way to make it works ?
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    Hi @kiwi

    Does your formula add Atk power in? So I think if a combined value equals strength+speed then it won't be adding attack power from equipment to the stat but if it's str+speed+attack power it will add raw attack power too
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  • Yeah, combined values have the value you calculate in the formula. So if a bonus to it (or any kind of stat development) should be reflected, you need to add the value itself in the formula.
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  • okey i got it, thank @GeneralK & GiL.
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