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I'm a beginner in game dev, and ORK Framework is a really powerful tool for beginners like me, because I have no experience on game development so that I need some support of Animation&Movement setting with my own character prefab. Everything works smoothly when I followed the instruction of 2D RPG quick start, the problem is when I try to use my own character to replace the combatant in the tutorial, and I followed the way of Tutorial Assets to create an animator controller for my character, the problem is that I could not control the character to move and play animations. The character only rotate around its root when I press keys. Could you please give me some suggestions to set my character properly? Since as a beginner I have no idea how to fix it. Really appreciate for your help. imageimageimageimageimage
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  • Can't see the images, so I'd need details on your setup to give advice :)
    If your Animator component has Apply Root Motion enabled, try disabling it (or enable it if it's not enabled). How are your player controls set up?
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