I was wondering if there was an option to make the text appear little by little with the possibility of modulating the speed, in particular incorporating this possibility into an option menu where the player could choose the speed of the text present in a show dialogue node.
I've seen a lot of games where you could choose the speed of the text and sometimes it made a little noise when reading like a very fast "blablabla".
As much as I see an option to play an audio while the dialog node is playing but nothing on the speed of writing the text so the text appears instantly.
  • Yes, that's available - this feature is called Typewriter and can be set up in your UI boxes (general settings for all, each individual box can override it with a custom setup).
    The options menu has a text speed option available for this as well.

    Your UI prefabs can also regulate which parts use this - you can usually find this on the content components that e.g. distribute the text to a TMP text component.
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  • oh yes thanks,I totally missed it ^^"
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