I started using ORK Framework these past few days.
There are a lot of things I don't understand, so please let me ask you some questions.

・I would like to introduce 3D character FBX and operate it with animation, but I can't do it.
I just changed the prefab warrior to another character in the Combatant > Combatant > Fighter settings, but it moves and fights in T pose without animation.
Of course I can set the Animator controller to the FBX model. However, I don't know how to set it up in ORK and run it in play.

・The second question is about the characters we control in the game.
Is there a setting that determines which of the many combatants can be controlled? At least I couldn't find it.
Or will a character with ID 0 automatically become a controllable combatant?

I've just started so there are a lot of things I don't understand, but it's worth studying. Please continue the support.

thank you very much.
  • I forgot to write the third question.

    I played using the completed version of the 3D tutorial, but my fellow wizards do not follow the player.
    There was an explanation that the AI would follow the player, but it just stopped. After that, if the player goes outside the town and fights, they will participate in the battle.
  • 1) You need to change the animation setup - the 3D quickstart and playground series use the legacy animation system (i.e. Animation component).
    If you use Animator components, you need to change to using Mecanim animations, they're e.g. used by the 2D quickstart or 3D action RPG series.

    Generally, you'll most likely always need to adjust the animation setup to match the model you're using for a combatant, i.e. beside using the matching animation system, you also need to set up the animations depending on how they are available.
    Also, for Mecanim animations I'd recommend to not use auto animations as it's done in legacy animations, and rather forward the movement speed to the animator controller, using a blend tree for idle/movement animations (e.g. as in the other tutorials).

    2) The first combatant you add to the group will automatically become the player. Afterwards, you can control this either via having the player change the group via a menu screen (Group menu part, e.g. here an example from the 3D playground series), or via schematic nodes.
    There are nodes to change the player, or e.g. set a locked field leader to always have the same combatant be the player outside of battle. Or use a non-battle player as e.g. in Pokemon, the 2D grid battle series uses such a setup.

    3) Gave it a quick test and works fine on my end (3D playground project) - might be a broken NavMesh on your end. Try rebaking the NavMesh in the World scene.
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  • Thank you for answering.

    1), I haven't solved it yet, but I'm planning to try more methods. If you still don't understand, please ask.

    2), I finally understood that this is set using Schenatics.

    3), I found out that it was because I was using 3D RPG Quickstart instead of 3D RPG Playground.
    After setting it up in the 3D quickstart, fellow combatants will now follow the player.
  • Regarding 2)
    I understand how to use schematics, but
    I didn't understand the other method you are showing.
    It seems that the menu you showed in the example does not exist.
  • 2) Yeah, that's a setup example from the 3D RPG Playground series, so those menus don't exist in your project unless you followed the tutorial or use the completed project.

    The settings remain the same, however, so you can use such a setup with your own project's UI boxes and menus. Or you can follow the complete menu setup from the 3D playground starting with the MENU 01 tutorial.
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    I managed to change the player character from the default one, animate it with mecanim, and have it walk on the ground.
    However, when enter the battle screen, half of body is buried, as shown in the photo.
    I tried changing the Y value in the battle spot settings, but the situation does not change.
    How can I get his feet on the ground?


    I also don't understand how non-default combatants animate in battle. In order to make an attack animation (for example) in mecanim I need to set and change the conditions variable.
    I put it in the combat schematics, but it doesn't work.
    Which schematics can I use to pass variables to mecanim?


    Please give me advice.
    And thank you for your support.
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    @lonewolf_cat You can check out this tutorial I did for Mecanim and ORK that's pretty quick and should get you up and running (assuming your animations and character are both Humanoid): https://forum.orkframework.com/discussion/8065/tutorial-quick-mecanim-setup-and-some-tips

    Specifically the second post goes over how to trigger an animation outside of movement, which you can use for Attack animations as well. Same concept, just different naming.

    It also includes downloadable project examples if you want to compare directly to your setup too.
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  • Your combatant prefab's origin position (i.e. local X=0, Y=0, Z=0) should be positioned at the feet of your model or you'll always have to take those adjustements into account. If you can't change that, use the Spawn Offset settings of your combatant's prefab settings to adjust the spawn position.

    As for playing Mecanim animations - those are set up for ORK to use in your combatant's animation settings (i.e. the animations you set up in Base/Control > Animations). How those animations are set up depend on how your animator controller is set up, e.g. playing directly or via parameters.
    An easy setup would be to play them directly without parameters and use an exit time on their transition back to other animations (e.g. any animation or idle).
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  • Thank you both for your advice.

    I was busy yesterday so I couldn't try it
    I can try it out now.
    I'll let you know if it goes well.
  • Let me get straight to the point, it went well.

    However, even if I use the same animation, the height is different between the field and battle screen.
    When I set the origin based on the feet, the character floats in the air on the field screen, but stands on the ground on the battle screen.
    Therefore, I solved the problem by preparing separate animation controllers for the field and battle, and assigning animations with different origin settings to each.

    Also, the reason I couldn't move the animation properly in battle was because I didn't check "use state name".

    Next, I'll try things like giving the combatants weapons, increasing the number of combatants, and displaying magic animations.
    It seems like there is still a lot to learn, but I am slowly making progress.

    Thank you for your teachings.
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