A bizarre issue I can’t seem to figure out. I’m using a real-time battle system. When a battle starts the, starting schematic executes and everyone joins the battle, the enemies start attacking and the player can attack them, but the members of the active player group don’t attack, they don’t even appear to initiate the battle ai. They have the abilities learned, they’re actively in the battle but they don’t select any targets. Even when set to exactly the same as the enemy combatants (move ai, battle ai etc) they still won’t attack. The enemies will attack the group members as normal.

Anyone encountered this before?

Thanks in advance
  • Player group members are by default setup always player controlled for their battle actions, i.e. they await input from the player to select actions.
    You need to set the combatants to be AI controlled completely - e.g. in the general settings for all combatants, where you can find it in Battle Settings > Default AI Settings. Enable AI Controlled in the player combatants settings there, this'll have the combatants currently not controlled by the player directly use battle AI. If you enable AI Controlled Player, also the actual player is AI controlled.
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  • Thank Gil, that fixed it
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