Is there a way to check through code if a guid (combatant, factions...) is valid?
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    The various .Find methods will return null if not found.

    For example, something we do to change the recipe icon color to red if the user can't create a given crafting recipe:

    var recipe = ORK.CraftingRecipes.Find(parsedRecipeName.text);
    if (recipe != null)
    var color = recipe.Settings.CanCreate(ORK.Menu.GetMenuUser()) ? Color.white :;

    parsedRecipeIcon.color = color;
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  • Find method is for finding by name, for GUIDs you simply need to use a Get method and check if it returns null, e.g.:
    Item item = ORK.Items.Get("YOURGUID");
    if(item != null) // valid
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  • Perfect, thank you Nicholas!
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