I asked the question in a different thread, but since this question has a different topic, I'll ask it in a new thread.

I would like to have an event occur when the player passes a certain location.
Although it is possible to cause a battle when passing through a box collider,
it is not possible to activate the schematics of other machines such as collision machines and interact machines.
Which machine should I use to trigger the event?
I also tried the trigger machine, but the schematic still doesn't work.

Sorry for asking so many questions, but I need your help.
  • Trigger Machine with Trigger Enter Start Type should work for what you are describing.
  • @Socrates422

    I followed the advice and the event occurred.
    I should have checked the Trigger Enter checkbox.
    Furthermore, if I block the player and camera in the schematic, the player will no longer pass by immediately after triggering an event.

    Thank you for the advice. Very helpful.
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