I am developing a grid-based combat game and encountering an issue with target selection. When creating single-target skills, I set the grid as the target and set the effect range to 0, allowing for normal attacks on enemies on the grid. However, a problem arises where the grid itself remains in the target list. This causes issues when determining factors such as backstab damage, as the grid always serves as the starting object in the skill's condition checks. Therefore, I would like to exclude the grid target from the skill animation schematic and only consider and calculate against enemies within range 0. How can I achieve this? Additional information: Why am I not using enemies as the target selection template? Using the grid as the target provides players with greater freedom and a smoother gameplay experience. For example, if enemies were used as the target template and a skill with a range of 1 is used, if the enemy is not within range, the skill becomes unavailable and the range is not displayed, which is far less effective than using the grid as the target . Your prompt reply would be greatly appreciated!
  • You should be able to filter the starting object for "enemies only". This will select only the enemies of the user into a selected data.
  • Thank you for your response! I would like to know which node specifically corresponds to "filter the starting object"? I have just resolved this issue using a similar method, by utilizing the "select combatant" node to store the combatant from the "starting object" into the select data, and then determining the direction of the combatant stored in the select data in relation to the skill user, thus achieving the backstab effect.
  • Select Combatant is the correct node. All available targets are stored in starting object based on your skill range Grid Shape.
  • Get! Thank you once again for your prompt response!
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