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My question is related to "Typewriter Finished Object" functionality in "UI Box" component.

I want to display cursor icon when the text is fully displayed, so I used "Typewriter Finished Object" functionality in "UI Box" component.

I could see the cursor icon when I pressed "Accept" input key while typewriter effect is running.

However, If I don't press "Accept" input key, nothing happens even if the conversation ends.
When I looked at hierarchy window in play mode, "cursor icon" GameObject was there, but it was still deactivated.

So, instead of using "Typewriter Finished Object" functionality, I used "Check Fields" node in schematic to check "IsTyping" property is success or not.

Then I managed to display the cursor icon and solve the problem.
Nevertheless, I want to know is

(1): Is this a correct way to solve this problem?
(2): Am I misunderstanding "Typewriter Finished Object" functionality?

Thanks in advance :)
  • This seems to be a bug - will be fixed in the next update.
    Please consider rating/reviewing my products on the Asset Store (hopefully positively), as that helps tremendously with getting found.
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  • Thank you!
    I really appreciate your help:)
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