Hi, I Want to add some XP to an Experience Status called SwordSkill, I'm using this code


but even after i add some value to the Status, the status remains on ZERO, nothing changes. The same thing happens if i try to add value to the default EXP Status that comes built-in inside Ork Framework.

How do i add value to a EXP Field?

said: Want to add some XP to a Exper
  • Using the AddValue or AddValueAccess function is the correct one and should work. It might be the combatant's status development that kicks in here.

    E.g. is there a status development set up for that experience stat?
    If it's not a base/class level up exp, the status development defines the maximum possible value for the stat for a level - if it's not set up, you might just not be able to receive any exp for that stat.
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