I want to make a consumable system where Combatants would "equip" consumables, and can only use these equipped consumables a limited number of times in battle.

Shortcut seems good in this regard, so I managed to make the menu that allows the user to "equip" consumables (which just assigned the shortcut slot with that consumable).

However, I want to move the consumable to that Combatant only, so other Combatants can't use that particular consumable in battle: i.e. both Combatant A and B have Consumable C (only 1) in their Shortcut slot. If A uses it, then B won't be able to use it. What I really wanted is that the moment A "equips" C, I move C into A's inventory, so B won't be able to equip C.

What's the best way to do this? When Combatant A "equips" it, maybe I can split C into a new stack, assign it to A's shortcut slot, then somehow...hide that stack in the UI? Or maybe...use individual Combatants inventory and have a hidden Combatant carrying team items?
  • You can only use either group or individual inventories, they can't be mixed.
    A way around this could be using group inventory and use item boxes (which can be used via box IDs even without item collectors). So, each combatant would have it's own item box that can be accessed e.g. via schematics or an Exchange Inventory menu screen.
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