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I tried to set up Prefab View Portrait, but it's not really working for 2D.

The current options don't allow me to set the rotation of the spawned prefab, and even if it did, I realize that the rotation isn't forwarded to the Animator anyway.

Also, it seems that if I duplicate the CombatantComponent in the scene, the duplicate one won't forward the rotation? Maybe the forwarding is done somewhere else?

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  • You can use a separate prefab for the prefab view and set it up as you need it. Or set up the player prefab to be rotated in the correct way in it's prefab setup.

    Duplicating the Combatant Component will most likely not work at all anyway (never tested it, though), as it'll get it's combatant when spawning it's prefab - I don't think that copying it will also copy those references that aren't accessible via inspector settings.
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