Hello everyone on the forum, I would like to know a way, which can be either via script or via schematic, of how to sum up all the damage caused by a single skill during a match. Let's suppose I have a skill called 'Fireball,' and I want to know how much exact damage this specific skill caused during a battle or match. How can I create this system? It can be via script or via Makinom. Is it possible to do this in the ORK Framework?
  • While there are some battle statistic settings for things like this in Battles > Battle System > General Settings (at the bottom), they can't be limited to a specific ability.

    You could use a Variable change type in your target changes (after the status change dealing damage). E.g. add to a global Int variable using a Combatant > Status Value value type, which can use the Last Change Value as used value.
    So, using your health stat, that'd add the last damage done to the combatant (from the previous damage status change) and add it to a global variable for you to use later.
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