I making a turn based game where you select your party member and attack the enemy accordingly so what battle system should I use and the type a should use under it
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    For a turn based game you'd naturally use the Turn Based battle system type. Which Turn Based Mode to use depends on how you want the system to work in detail:

    Actions are selected at the beginning of each turn and executed after all combatants chose their actions.

    Actions are executed right after selecting them, resulting in each combatant selecting his action after the previous combatant finished its action.

    Multi Turns
    A combatant can have multiple turns before another combatant had a turn. A combatant's turn value will be reset to 0 after finishing the turn, and the turn value of all combatants will be increased (using the 'Turn Calculation'). The combatant with the highest turn value will have the next turn.
    So, basically like in Final Fantasy X.

    Additionally, you can turn on the Use Dynamic Combat option to allow actions to execute at the same time instead of one by one.
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