Hey guys, I try the action rpg tutorial, and I fond there is a step to add radius component after adding the damage zone. I thought it was because the radius component take care of the damage message but i found if I remove the radius component it still work properly.

So I wondering what is the principle of the damage zone? Does it works with Collider component that receive the damage dealer collision or you can use other way to override it? And what is the component radius for? When should I use it?

I am trying to make some complicated Characters with multi colliders on their limbs to receive damage, Can I use Damage zone to deal with it? Or maybe I have to write some schematics to achieve it?
  • The radius component is only used to define a radius, which is e.g. used by range checks in the move AI or an ability/item use range. The range component also doesn't use a collider (although it can get it's initial value when added from a collider), it simply defines a range independent of any collider.

    Damage dealers/zones work independent of the ranges - they work by physical interactions, e.g. trigger/collision events when their colliders interact with each other.
    You can have multiple damage zones on a combatant, a damage dealer will damage the first one it's hitting (depending on it's setup it could also damage multiple).
    E.g. the action RPG tutorials have multiple damage zones on the big robot enemy to cause more damage from the back.

    You can also use the schematics on damage zones to perform special things when they're hit.
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