Hello everyone I am just starting with Unity (came from Godot) so I am just barebones starting a proyect and would like to know if I can add cards/packs as loot from TCG engine, also if ORK 3 can launch an instance of TCG from a npc conversation (like Gwent).

The second question is. Which UI pack/kit plays good with ORK?

If I need another asset to achieve this just let me know and thanks, ORK 3 has been awesome so far!!!
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  • If you're just starting with Unity, I'd recommend not going this complex yet. Do some Unity tutorials to learn the engine and it's features, do some ORK tutorial series to get to know ORK and how it's doing stuff.

    1) Naturally, there's no out-of-the-box connection between ORK and TCG (or other products). ORK has a lot of functionality to call external stuff, e.g. an NPC conversation starting up something from TCG is possible using the function nodes in the NPC's schematic (e.g. Call Function node).
    For any deeper connection you'll need to write custom scripts to connect ORK and TCG.

    2) ORK uses Unity UI, i.e. the component-based UI system. You basically just set up prefabs how you want them to work with some ORK components attached to them that handle stuff for you.
    If you're talking UI pack/kit - do you mean just graphics or actually some UI functionality stuff? Graphics should be fine in any case, since you can just use them as you want.

    If we're talking about UI functionality, any UI pack/kit also using Unity UI should work fine, as long as it can be used in prefabs and spawned by ORK. Depending on which things you want to use from them and how their stuff is implemented (e.g. extending form standard Unity UI components or doing custom things) you might need to write a few custom components as well.
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    Thank you very much for the fast reply! Yeah I am doing all the ORK 3 tutorials (almost finishing the 1st one) then I will do some for Unity. You are right I better learn a ton more then I will come back and ask ( I hope not to be annoying). Thank you again really!
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