I am curious if with ORK 3 can you make a system where characters don't have levels and instead have skills that have level each? So lets say you have bow skill, every time you use bow, you get a bit better with it, you get some exp, so you can trade that xp for skill upgrades etc? Kind of like in skyrim.

Or is ORK 3 entirely dependent on levels?
  • Yes, that's more or less how my game works. It's a lot more effort involved than just using character levels since you have to account for changes between each skill level of every skill. Just a word of warning.
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    Sure - combatants set that up in their Status Settings > Status Value Settings, where you can decide if you want to use a status development (i.e. levels) or not.

    When not using status development but you want to gain some kind of exp to spend or automatically improve abilities or equipment, I'd recommend a setup like this for the Experience type status value:
    - experience type: none
    - max value type: max value (i.e. uses the maximum possible value that's set up for the stat instead of e.g. the next level's max value from a stat dev curve)

    Abilities can also be set up to level by uses, set the ability's Level Up Type to Uses for this. The Level Points in the ability's Level Settings will in that case define the number of uses needed for a level up (naturally level 2 will define the uses it takes to reach level 2).
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