I am playing around with custom animations and I have a question about getting the animation duration into ORK for use in schematics. I can do it with a modified combatant animation node or the store function node but it is a little messy with extra steps setting the same info multiple places. I looked into extending the custom animation system to add a function call to get the animation duration and store it with the animation info but I couldn't see a way that wouldn't get overwritten when ORK updates.

Any recommendations on what I could extend to accomplish something like that? Adding another field for specifying a function call and storing the duration would make using custom animation system as easy and clean as ORKs capabilities with Mecanim and animation overriding.

Here is a highlight of where I am trying to add the setting.

  • Yeah, that seems like a good idea - I'll look into it :)
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  • Your implementation in the new update works great thanks!
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