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I want to create a custom magic screen and am having some problems. If I use shortcut lists for the different types of magic, I cannot simply drag an icon (ability) from the magic screen onto the hotbar, which is also a Shortcut List, without the icon (ability) disappearing from the magic list. But I would like all the spells I have learned to still remain in the spell book. I found out that with menu screens, I can create a screen with "single slots" or multi, for this I can use a choice button, (which does not work for me with normal Shortcut Lists), now I can drag the spells from the magic book into the hotbar, and they still remain in the magic book. The only problem I have now is that I have a kind of skill system with certain placeholders, a customized UI and I can't put the spells in the appropriate position. Can I maybe equip it in C# to a specified Slot, that would be a big help, I managed it, on the single slot, by equipping a spell with a click of the mouse Button, but how can I equip the spells automatically into the slots, when open the menu Screen, maybe that's possible in C#. Unitys Grid Layout Group ... , are not particularly helpful.
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    You could use research trees and their research UI feature for such a setup. Even if you don't use the research tree for actually learning the abilities, it'll still show the abilities the combatant already learned and have the others as unresearched. The research UI can be used to build such a tree-like structure and can use drag+drop to put already learned things to shortcuts.
    An alternative tree setup is by using pre-placed inputs in your UI box prefab.

    Generally, you can mix different menu parts in your menu screens, e.g. having an Ability part to list all abilities and one of the slot parts or just a Combatant part with a shortcut HUD setup and drag+drop stuff between them.
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    Great, I'll try it first with Research trees, wanted to try that soon for my crafting screen, also.
    Thank you!
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