I've got a weird thing happening.
I've got some item collectors in a scene, set up as Collection Type: Single.
If I leave the items alone, exit the battle (change scene), and enter the battle again (change scene) the items are there.

However, if I take even 1 of the 5 items, exit and come back they are all missing.

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  • Are they all using the same Scene ID? If so, they share a collection status so you'd need to give them separate IDs:

  • I was actually just thinking about this in the shower. Yes they are, becuase I just copy/pasted the first because i was testing how prefabs work.

    That being said though, I still need them all to reload when re-loading the dungeon level - even if they've been collected in a previous run.
  • In that case I believe you just need to uncheck Use Scene ID on all of them. If you don't otherwise have a condition (like a game variable) then it should be respawned on each scene load.
  • Ah I see. Thanks. That's also helpful to remember for items that can only be collected once (maybe some type of rare or key item etc)
  • Scene IDs are used if you want items to only appear once and not again after collected. There's the Reset All Scene IDs button available in the component to update all IDs of all item collectors in the scene to have a unique ID again. Newly added item collectors should automatically get a new ID.
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