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In a real-time combat system, how is the Schematic executed after a player dies? For example, after death, I want to display the HUD to allow the player to respawn or take other actions. I haven't found similar settings in the real-time combat system configuration page, nor in the combatant settings.
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  • I want to achieve something similar to a UI popup that appears after death, containing several options. These options are functionalities I've implemented using arbitrary nodes.
  • There are a few options that I can think of:

    1)Game Settings -> Game Over Settings

    Tick "Show choices".

    2) Battle Systems -> Real Time Battle -> Defeat Schematic -> create a schematic with your choices

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    He will not execute, real-time combat system, Defeat Schematic

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  • Depends on how your battles work - if you're using a Real Time Battle Area component, the battle start/end schematics are not used. You can use the player's death schematic for handling more detailed game over things.
    Otherwise, the game over settings in Game > Game Settings are used.

    If you're using Battle components (or combatant spawners without the battle area component) the battle start/end schematics are used.
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