Hello. I really love your asset and It is very helpul to me who don't know the scripts well.
Thank you so much.

But I have the problem to make buttons by scripts.
Now I used "Find" command to inactive HUDs like it.
But I want to use Maki.HUDs scrpts.

1) How can I make the button to inactive and active HUDs(index 15) by script?

I tried by myself but I did not know how to do it.

and more...

2) How can I execute Schematic Asset by button and execute Schematic Asset by script.


could you let me know about it?
I'm so sorry to bother you.
  • 1) You use another HUD for that.
    The HUD Click component can add actions that happen when clicking on the HUD element, e.g. toggling other HUDs on/off.

    2) By button - same as in #1, the HUD Click component can also start schematics (and many other things).

    As for starting by script, see this documentation for details. The Schematic class also has static functions to start a schematic in a single line of code, but mainly as a fire-and-forget type of thing :)
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  • Amazing!! It was working!! perfect!!!
    I was soooo happy to know it.
    Thank you so much!
    you are so nice, kind and fast everytime!!
    I will ask when I don't know next time too.

    Have a nice weekend!!
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