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Is there a best way in ORK2 to set up a Settings Menu that would allow the player to change the volume of Music and Audio FX and other things?

I know how to change the settings via script and make a GUI to do this. But would the best way to do this be to use the Main Menu and use the Options Button or the Custom Choice Button? Thanks.

I basically just need to navigate to a new scene where I can put my GuIs and scripts to change the volume etc and then have a button to go back to the Main Menu.

I could do this via making my own buttons but wondering if this is already there and easy to do. : )
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  • You can add an Options menu in the Main Menu and an Options menu part to menu screens.

    They allow changing music and sound volume, text speed, random battle chance and custom options (i.e. setting game variables).
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  • Perfect. Thanks.
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