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so, I was following the tutorial, and everything worked fine, until I decided to try to substitute the main character with another model (humanoid)... then I basically set its prefab in the combatants, but when I start the game it spawn but fall through the terrain.

I tried adding character controller, rigid body, mesh collider... nothing ( I mean... following the process: drop to hierarchy, set the controller, re-put into prefab).

The only way it works is to set the Spawn Offset (y axis) in the combatant's settings, but in this case I have the character basically flying :(
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    Look at your spawn point first. Don't check the Place On ground box. It will cause that to happen if it's checked. You should also make sure your spawn point is a little bit above the terrain. But my guess is you have the Place on ground box checked on the spawn point.
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  • yeah like Catacomber said its probably your spawn point if you have a uneven terrain it will cause your character to fall through if your feet are sticking through the ground when you spawn. if this dosent work check your terrain to make sure its got a collider as well. if your using a construction kit of some sort from the asset store you will need to check if it has a mesh collider other wise no matter what you do you will fall through the ground!
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  • I love you both :)

    I was really stupid! Thanks for the advice :)
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