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Is there a way to store a value from a script into a game variable to use as a check in an event?

Ok I think I figured that out, but now I don't know how to check that value in code. Does anyone know how to do that?
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    Do you need to check it in code or check it in an event? You're checking whether that game variable is true or false or set to some value? You can use a Check Step to check a game variable in an event.
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  • I need to check it in code too (For jumping). I managed to check it in an event.
  • If you've figured out how to store the variables via code, you already have the way to get them as well :)

    e.g. ORK.Game.Variables.GetBool(string key) will get you the bool variable key, and you can do checks on that. The others are the same way, e.g. GetFloat, GetString, etc.
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  • Oooooh :D Thanks! I think I was just using Get and it was throwing me an error. (Still new to this stuff sorry)
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