Hi Guys,
I recently updated ORK to the latest version and on restart now my drag and drop on the skill bar and paper doll viewer no longer work at all. Drag and drop still works with the inventory, but not the others.

The skill bar was a HUD as per the tutorial

The paper doll viewer is essentially a list of equipment parts in a menu screen

No idea why these have stopped working now, and only on these two.

Any changes to defaults that would affect this? - Been over everything twice, and everything associated with drag and drop in the menus has been ticked as active.
  • thanks @dlevel, but I'm not on 5.6. Is this a known bug? Dragging still works for some of my menu screens but not all, so I am inclined to think there is a default that may have been switched somewhere or a setting somewhere, thats what it usually seems to be for me
  • There haven't been any changes regarding drag+drop - the only thing in the new version that could influence that would be the GUI layers having optional custom GUI settings (scaling, anchoring), but you'd have to actively enable those to affect your stuff.
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