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Is there a written guide on how to upgrade from say. 2.0.7 to 2.0.8?

I know you wrote a guide on how to setup up beta to 1.0 but nothing after that. I would prefer to not make a whole new project just to copy and paste tidbits...if possible at least. I havnt started on the functions for the game yet, so i would like to upgrade the version that got imported, was like 2.0.4 I think.

Do I just reimport it with the asset importer and it will just work all proper like?
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  • Just import the latest version's unitypackage file and you're good to go. Any data changes will be automatically updated when you open the ORK Framework editor (or start a game).
    First time saving will have a bunch of changed stuff (due to changes and new settings).

    And don't forget - always make a backup of your Unity project before updating, play it safe :)
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  • As always Thx so much for the rapid and precise feedback for any questions we may pose
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