ORK Framework 2 is 4 years old, so it's time to talk about ORK 3!

Read more details here :)
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  • Cool! Looking forward this happen!
  • Awesome stuff Gil! Looking forward to continuing our work :)
  • Amazing! Happy Birthday, ORK!

    Thanks for the years of support. Looking forward to the future!
  • Great news, what I like the most about Ork 3 is its Makinom integration, I use the Ork event system a lot so this will be a major upgrade!
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    Respect GIL for the updates of ORK 2, even though you are going for ORK 3 :) I guess in my case, steeking with ORK 2 is more viable until my game is finished, but we ll see, either way, I will get ORK 3 on day one so I 'll check the hustle of the migration myself. But I believe Unity 2018.1, which introduces some major performance updates, is near and ORK will get the update hopefully :)

    There are some things (some more love) for real-time battles for ORK 2 that I 've mentioned on feature thread and my alpha thread which I would like to see on ORK 2 before it gives its place to ORK 3! I wish you will have the time to get your hands on it :)

    Anyway, good luck and I'll keep supporting you, because a big part of what I was able to do with Game Development, I own it to ORK and You :)
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  • Awesome :D! I would gladly pay for every update if i had to! You're Awesome GiL !

    I have one simple question about switching ork event system with makinom. Will there be a tab in ork framework window for Makinom just like there is for Ork2 event system?
  • That's great news! Looking forward to being able to use Makinom schemas instead of Events.

    My top request for ORK 3 was a database structure that is more accommodating to multiple developers and source control systems, and it looks like you've got a good plan for that.

    A close second would be a GUI system that is designed specifically for UGUI, which would essentially be a set of specialized databinding components that would be attached to GUI objects so that it could be designed visually. Legacy GUI had to be created programmatically, so ORK's GUI system was a nice extension of that. However, it feels very limiting compared to working with UGUI natively, and it's also very time-consuming to set up due to having to run the game, look at the menu screen, stop and change values in the ORK editor, run the game again, repeat...

    So any chance of a more visually oriented GUI implementation? ;-)
  • It's been awesome watching the evolution of ORK. Looking forward to another 7 years. :)
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  • I'm sure we all here don't really care about you charging a price for ork 3. You deserve that, and more. It's been a blast watching ork grows more and more each year.
    A toast to more years to come.
  • Happy Birthday ORK and cheers to ORK3 in the future!

    From the sounds of it, ORK3 will be like an addon for Makinom. Will ORK3 rely heavily on Makinom or can it work with something else, say Playmaker for example.

    The one I would like to see from ORK3 is Editor GUI improvements. The problem I had with ORK2 is how it's unorganised when navigating around. The dropdowns and searchbar do help levitate it but making small changes is slow because of it. I understand ORK comes with a lot of features and maintaining a consistent workflow is hard but it's an improvement to aim for.

  • Happy Birthday ORK!

    I am looking forward to ORK 3 very much!

    I would like the following.
    * Since layout of new GUI is easy to make with Unity Editor standard, the menu system which makes use of it(Canvas prefab use...etc).
    * I want the node editor to have the debug function by break point and the debug.log function.
    * While running in Play Mode, I want the node flow to be visible in real time like a BluePrint of UE4.
    * Support for TextMeshPro, Cinemachine, TimeLine
    * Undo · Redo in node editor, Copy node to other Event, Paste
  • Support for Sprites please
  • @tribbles
    I haven't decided on that yet - the schematic editor might become a standalone editor in itself, or ORK might become part of the Makinom editor.

    Updates to the GUI are further down the road after the general update to ORK 3.

    ORK 3 will rely heavily on Makinom, so you wont be able to replace it with e.g. Playmaker. Naturally, you could write custom nodes to call Playmaker stuff and just use that, but that's already possible in ORK 2 :)
    The editor GUI will definitely improve and take advantage of the already implemented convenience functions present in Makinom.
    Please consider rating/reviewing my products on the Asset Store (hopefully positively), as that helps tremendously with getting found.
    If you're enjoying my products, updates and support, please consider supporting me on patreon.com!
  • I haven't done much with Ork yet aside from going through the tutorials and some playing around and seeing what's possible, but I'm excited about the new features that Ork 3 will bring.

    Especially interested in seeing how the new battle system will work out. It sounds like we'll be able to essentially create a custom battle system with ease, or am I wrong about that? Integration with Makinom also sounds great; I bought Makinom a while back as well but haven't really touched it, so maybe I should spend some time going through those tutorials! :D

    Hope there'll be a discount for people who bought Ork more than a year before Ork 3's release. Don't mind paying an upgrade price at all, but it'd be nice if that price was less than the full price of Ork 3.
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