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Hi! :)
I'm setting up a custom GUI (what a pain! Making boxes fit perfectly is so boring! :D ), and i tested it on menu screens made following default tutorial. However, i found two problems:

- Inventory screen: if i add description as in tutorial (Top info + always visible), the top info box appear as broken (just upper line and some pixel of box), and nothing inside (the part of screen not covered shows that part of the scene normally). If i add custom text, only names of categories or items can appear, i found no way to show description (like Overview menu - i kept same settings and added description to item types like potions and scrolls and books). It seems that codetext (%d, %cd) isn't recognized...

- Equipement screen: i almost had a stroke here. As soon as i opened it (it was a while, focusing on other parts of my game...) i got this error
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
UnityEngine.GUIContent..ctor (UnityEngine.GUIContent src)
ORKFramework.ContentLayout.GetChoiceContent (IShortcut content, ORKFramework.Combatant combatant)
ORKFramework.Menu.Parts.EquipmentMenuPart.CreateEquipChoices ()
ORKFramework.Menu.Parts.EquipmentMenuPart.ShowEquips ()
ORKFramework.Menu.Parts.EquipmentMenuPart.SelectionChanged (Int32 index, ORKFramework.GUIBox origin)
ORKFramework.Menu.Parts.EquipmentMenuPart.ShowTypes ()
ORKFramework.Menu.Parts.EquipmentMenuPart.Show ()
ORKFramework.Menu.Parts.EquipmentMenuPart.Show (ORKFramework.Menu.MenuScreen s)
ORKFramework.Menu.MenuScreen.Show ()
ORKFramework.Menu.MenuScreen.Show (IEventStarter starter)
ORKFramework.Menu.MenuScreenItem.Selected (ORKFramework.Menu.MenuScreen origin)
ORKFramework.Menu.MenuScreen.Closed ()
ORKFramework.Menu.MenuScreen.Tick ()
ORKFramework.MenuHandler.Tick ()
ORKFramework.ORKCore.FireTick ()
ORKFramework.ORKHandler.Update ()
I did some tests, and i noticed that if i uncheck "First Element" to "Add Unequip" button, everything works fine... If i thick "First Element" i got all this error (Inventory of my player is empty at start!)

- One question also. Is it possible to make top info box reacts to mouse cursor for description? For example, in main menu scene if you have cursor on new game or load, they change color. Is it possible to do that even in menu, that is changing the description in the box and highlighting the category while the mouse is over?

Kae ^_^
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    hey Kae

    I can't seem to replicate your first problem.
    I'll try to help a bit until @gamingislove or someone who can read those errors comes on.

    Would it be possible to post a screenshot using imgur or dropbox/google/etc? for the first problem not second.

    For the second problem I can help right away:
    You should be able to make an 'on hover' no problem
    Basically I have different custom gui skin for every Gui box so far.

    In GUI Boxes> 3: Top Info check On Own GUI skins, in your skin add a image or color in the proper element > Hover and/or On Hover. Ex. Since the main menu uses buttons you add the color or image in Button>Hover

    Screen 1

    Screen 2
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  • Thanks SteveS!
    It seems that i managed to solve first problem playing with GUI box options and descriptions. :)

    About the second issue, thanks a lot, today i will try to change Hover settings! I didn't think about that. :)
  • I tried every settings, but it seems i cannot change this: when you open the menu, first option is chosen by default (ie inventory), but it is not enlighted, if i pass the mouse over, it changes color, but if i just use up/down arrow to select other list items (even if the selection changes, i can notice it from top info!) , it doesn't change the layout: is there a setting in guisking for this? :)
  • There's a bug with displaying back/unequip first and hiding unavailable equipment, don't know if that's the same, but I'll look into it :)
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  • Thanks GiL!
    And about my last post, any way to enlighten a choice button than is selected scrolling up/down arrows and no mouse?

    A menu related question also (^_^), how can i add a key to switch to next target while i attack or use ability? Cannot find the option, :)
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    May I ask what you changed with the GUI Boxes and Descriptions to fix your first problem? Several of my menus were broken in the update and it seems I have a similar error. (Posted it all in the update release thread)
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  • @Kirb Sure, if it can help. :)
    My layouts aren't perfect, but i sorted things like this: i have a top info box with height screen auto adjustment, and in description part of menu items (Inventory - add Menu Item - Description) i just checked Always Visible and use Custom text, in the text i just wrote the code %d. Then i added description besides name to item types and items in Inventory tab. ^^
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    1) I tried everything and still cannot change the color of menu boxes when i just use up/down arrows... When i pass mouse over it is fine, but only with keyboard they doesn't change/highlight...

    Two other things:

    2) How can i link a key button to switch to next target while in battle? I would like to move cursor without being forced to use mouse to select other combatants...:)

    3) Is it possible to link 2 custom screens/scene at starting menu? I'd like to open an "How to play" (with a couple of pages) and a "Credit" Screen.

    Thanks ^_^
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  • 1) To highlight a selected choice, you need to define a Selected Choice GUISkin in the menu settings (or GUI box settings if you're overriding the default skins).

    2) If you mean selection in the target menu, I don't think that's possible (beside the usual choice selection keys). If we're talking about group/individual target selection, there are options for that right there :)

    3) I guess you mean having those options in the main menu and open a new scene to display that?
    You can do this with the Custom Choice settings in the main menu, but you'll have to write a simple script that loads your desired scene :)
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  • Thanks GiL!

    1) Yes, i changed to my own skin... Sorry!

    2) I try to explain it better: when you start turn in turn based battles, the cursor of target selection is on the middle target for enemies (attack/damage spells), and on first player for players (es. health spells). If you click ENTER, that enemy/ally is chosen for the action. I'd like to link a key, let's say TAB, to switch target to next one among every one available: ex. if enemy 1 is targeted i click TAB and is targeted enemy 2, again with TAB enemy 3, then, if key TAB is pressed again, the target goes back to enemy 1... Is it possible with individual target settings?

    3) Can i link a scene and go back to that, without "disturbing" ORK start up? Could be even possible to let main menu disappear and show another simple GUI menu screen with credits or with information?

    Thanls again. :)
  • 2) You could do this by simply using the TAB key for horizontal choice changes. E.g. set up an input key that uses other input keys as input. Here you can add the usual horizontal keys and the tab key, now you could do the change with both.

    3) Yes, ORK will only be initialized once by the game starter. Otherwise the quick game testing wouldn't work, and you wouldn't be able to return to the main menu scene :)
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