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Hi. Does anyone know how to make your own GUI Skin? What i'm trying to accomplish is having a dialogue box like this image below. So, i'm thinking that enable to show the arrow pointer which is circled red in the picture below just include it in the custom GUI Skin and set an offset high enough to be place on top of a the calling object to mimic the dialogue box from this picture? Also, what type of program will I need to customize or open the GUI Skin file? I tried photoshop and it didn't open. =/

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    Hey Ramen. You edit the GUI skin file in Unity itself. You had the right idea with using photoshop(or any other preferred image editing software) to edit the images for it though.

    in unity go here and notice the box i'm highlighting, that's one of the image slots for the various gui elements:
    screen 1

    then add your images(text bubbles) in the proper image slots. You'll have to play around though with adding to various slots to see what changes and how.

    Also unless you can script an bubble arrow to always face the right way, you'll have to make various text bubbles to fit the various text boxes and placements

    I suggest checking this out(its old and dated but it helped me get the hang of making my own gui skin images a while back):
    Unity Forum Link

    When your done with all that. add your custom skin to your gui boxes and make sure to check on OWN GUI SKINS and add them there:
    screen 2

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  • You are awesome~! Thank you very much Steve, you solved my problem =>8
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