I have dialogues in my game. Sometimes I'm blocking player and then everything is fine. But I can't block him every time. Sometimes I'm showing text (dialogue) on screen and it's short, so I can't block player in this case.

Is there a way to close all dialogues when exiting current scene? I Can use "Stop on Destroy" but I have a lot of items with Dialogues. These items are dissapearing after taking them and then dialogue starts, for example: "Good, you find it!". As I say - I can't block player for this short text, but when Player is using Exit to Main Menu, this dialogue text is showing in main menu.

Is there a way to prevent this? But without using Stop On Destroy, as I say - a lot of my items have a dialogue so it's difficult to change everything now.

Thanks for help
  • There's a Close All Dialogues option in the event's settings to close all dialogues opened by the event when the event ends, but without stop on destroy, the event will just continue when changing scenes or returning to the main menu.

    There's also a Close All Dialogues node to do the same thing, just at the time the node is executed.
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