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Hi! I have a problem with changing animation while opening chest. My character for a second is coming back to "Idle" animation after "Legacy Animation" step ends and it looks very veird. I want my character to start "Knee" animation at "Open" Item Box, then from "Knee" player is doing "Idle Knee". What's wrong and what Can I do to make it work? Am I doing everything OK in event? This is Open/Close event for Item Box. Please for help :)

Video is here -

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  • Maybe it's more of an issue with the animation itself - what's the wrap mode of the animation? I think if the kneeing animation should stay, you should use clamp wrap mode.
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  • Ok, problem solved. I set Clamp Forever at every animation with kneeing. In Event I set on all Legacy Animations "Blend" option. Now it works perfect. Thank you for help :)
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