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Hello GiL,

is there a way to store 'Member' actor data into a variable? Let's say, I have 6 different characters, that have different stats. Each of them can be a different actor, as they can join party when player wants. Every time I want to give them some custom values, I don't want to perform search through 6 members to identify, which Character is stored under particular 'Member' of the Active Player Group. That's very meticulous.

No objects please. That's dependent on scene and I'm not saving spawned prefabs in a save, that would be even worse.

Is there different way please?
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  • Hm, it's a bit complicated, but can be done via selected data. You can make it a bit easier by using a global event for selecting the combatants.

    The global event:
    - Player actor
    - use Select Combatant nodes to store the individual combatants each into their own selected key: enable Use All Combatants, combatant scope Group, use the filter to only use a defined Combatant (status needed)

    Your regular events:
    - set up Selected Data actors for the combatants you need (i.e. key used for them in the global event)
    - use a Call Global Event node (e.g. as first node) with Share Selected Data enabled

    That setup will have the global event fill the selected data actors with their respective combatants from the player's group, having them available in the rest of the event.
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  • Oh, Right, I did completely forget about Select Combatant node. Good idea, thanks a lot, you saved me about 200 nodes in each event for declaring combatants as members! :)
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