I'm setting up a skill/ability with a hit range like rectangle/straight, i.e all enemies within this rectangle will be dealt damage.

May I please ask any ideas to achieve this by the ORK Framework? I'm not using Grid Battle System. Additionally, the range could be sector/radius as well.

Many thanks!
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  • You can use Combatant Trigger components for this.
    Add them to the prefab of your combatant (e.g. as a child object) - the Combatant Trigger component keeps track of all combatants that entered it's trigger (i.e. add a collider with Is Trigger enabled to define the area).

    Battle ranges can use combatants that are in the user's combatant trigger as targets. You can use multiple combatant triggers to set up different such areas, use the tags to find the different triggers.
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  • Thanks for your help : )
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