I'm trying to make a status effect that deals 1 damage back to the attacker when hit with a direct contact move. How would I implement dealing damage back to attackers via status effect? IE I want the combatant that has the "Spiked Guard" status effect to take full damage from attacks but deal a set amount of damage back on each hit
  • There are multiple ways to do it, but I think the easiest would be using Defence Status Effects.

    E.g. set up a spike damage status effect that's immediately removed again (e.g. 1 second duration) and deals damage on Apply.
    our Spiked Guard effect uses the spike damage effect in it's Status Effect Settings > Defence Status Effects.

    All your abilities that should be affected by this need to enable Use Defence Effects in their target changes settings.
    Now whenever a combatant with a Spiked Guard effect applied is attached by an ability (using defence effects) will give the attacker the spike damage effect, dealing damage.
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  • Working nicely! Thank you!
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