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Hello! :)

This is the first prototype of my game! If you have suggestions, or wanna simple tell me your impressions, i am totally glad to know it!
And maybe, in future, my project will be something real. ^_^

- Site down -

Don't be too harsh! :D
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  • Still pretty basic (and I failed at leaving the island ...) - but seems interesting :)
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  • Island is blocked on purpose! Don't want to spoil too much! :D
  • First thing I noticed is that I have no idea how to leave the shop menu. So I got stuck there and had to reload the page.
  • I like it. It's too short to have any other opinion. Expand the game more and you just got yourself a fan!
  • @Koma Esc button, sorry...

    @Shadow_Fire i built already a dungeon, but wanna spoil little by little. Did you follow first quest to learn first ability? :)
  • Yep, I beat the giant slime and learn the apple flood, if I remember correctly.
    Keep up the good work, man.
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    I like it. It's too short to have any other opinion.
    This! It's cute, though.

    Although I would like to say that the main character's sprite has some strange jerkiness around the shirt and eye that drives me nuts, haha.

    Since the game looks like it would benefit from it, have you considered trying grid-based movement? (Pokemon, Link to the Past, etc) There's a script available for it here:


    But it's pretty basic; you'll have to expand on it for any collision detection, etc. But I'm using a modified version of it for my hacking mini-game and it works pretty nicely!
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    I'm pretty late seeing this..

    I really like the style a lot. It was very short but fun. Can't wait to reach that desert when we cross the bridge! Got my save game ready.

    Keep up the good work!

    p.s Hehe and thanks for the mention in the credit I'm flattered ;)
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  • Thanks Steve! These days i think i will be able to upload another part, that is surely bigger, i do hope to read your feedbacks soon! :)
  • Second part is uploaded! :)

    Every kind of feedback or opinion is very welcome! ^_^
  • I have uploaded a site with the demo within, shot me an opoinion if you have time! :)

  • Hey, I saw you get mentioned in a post on indierpgs.com from a few days ago! Congratulations on some extra exposure. =)
  • Looks well made and a lot of fun. Will try the demo when I can get to my computer.
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    I got stuck in the Shop too. Coming back here and reading up found out about the ESC button--is there some message about that? : )

    I think it's a lot of fun. I love the introductory and other game music.

    I think you should give the player a little bit more gold at the beginning.

    Now that I know how to get out of the shop, will move on. : )
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  • I take back what I said about you should give the player a little more gold---searched around the initial room more and got some. : )

    I still wasn't able to buy what I wanted to in the shop though. Was not clear who I should talk to trying to get out of the first area after the initial room. Who to talk to? Still not clear on that.

    Fighting the enemy---I won--very satisfying. : )
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