I have a question about the jump motion during cell movement.
I want to make a jump if cell height exceeds a certain value during cell movement in grid battle, so I have set up a node in Schematic as follows.

[Check Height Differences] → [Combatant Animation(Jump state)] → [Change Position].
(The rest is almost the same as in the GridMove tutorial.)

The problem is that while moving position towards the cell above, the Walk/Run/Sprint motion of the MoveSpeed of the combatant setting is played (not the jump motion).

Any suggestions for a solution?
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    Try a Wait node (0.02s) after Check Height Differences.
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  • @Scyra
    Thanks for the quick response!
    But unfortunately, I already had the wait node set up.

  • Instead of the Combatant Animation node, I use Play Mecanim Animation and it works for me. There's a similar node for legacy animations if you're using them.
  • @Scyra
    I'm using Mecanim, and I tried your method, but it didn't change the result.
    I've also tried changing some node properties... and animation transition to crossfade or trigger...etc. But I couldn't get the jump motion.

    The only way I have found is to put the Jump motion on a separate override layer.
    I gave up on this method because I can't use multiple layers well due to lack of knowledge, but maybe you are doing this way?
  • I am indeed using an override layer. I thought I remembered having it working on the base layer at one point, but maybe not. Anyway, the setup it pretty simple. I just use the base layer for Idle/Run/Walk and Attack. Everything else is done on an override layer with a full body mask applied, and the states on this layer all transition to an empty Layer Default State—which is effectively a transition back to base layer.



    If you do everything on an override layer this way, you can be sure that whatever you call in schematics will play right away and then go straight back to whatever was playing before.
  • Thanks so much for your kind instructions!
    Now it's all working just fine.

    I couldn't figure out how to transition to the base layer, but the solution was very simple, I just needed to transition to the Empty state as you instructed. Thanks for the help!
  • Sure, anytime.
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