Hi, I probably found some very confusing bug in editor regarding RGB colors

It seems RGB color codes work weirdly in color selector - it has some weird offset. When you for example set RGB color to 154,177,84, it actually shows color 202,218,154. When you use color picker and click normal 154,177,84 color (for example in some web tool), the color is set properly but the code in ORK editor is 86,112,23.

(Intensity is set to 0 and Alpha to 255 so it shouldn't affect the color)

It's quite mind bending :-D Is it some problem in editor showing different colors or is there some new setting I missed?

Thanks :-)

  • Well, that's Unity's color picker - I have no control over that :)
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    This confused me at first too when trying to copy some colors from an old project. The color picker to the right is an HDR color picker while the one on the website is standard / LDR. HDR tries to compensate for luminosity along with some other things, which is why their values are different even for the same color.

    For example, here's the same HSV values in both but notice they give different colors:

    In order to get the same color you want, HDR ends up with a different RGB value which (fortunately) the color picker tool can calculate.
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    Oh, ok :-) Thanks for explanation. I'll use color picker for HDR colors (and following "weird" RGB color codes) to keep the already prepared color palette consistent.
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