I have a general question about vehicles / means of transport

I don't really have an idea how to do that but I would like my character by pressing a key or using an object to call a transport (horse, boat, dragon) and that he can ride in / on it depending on the type transport.
Control would then pass to said vehicle and by pressing a key he would get out of the vehicle to continue on foot (default movement).
How should we do it in ORK?

Spawn a prefab (vehicle) and then transfer control (I can't find how to do this part)?
  • I’m also interested in this, I’ve considered trying to integrate Malbers animal controller like what Tikal has done, since it allows locomotion to a great degree and fine control over the character body parts. But I’m still waiting to see how involved it is when he uploads his guide in the discord. I’m also not experienced enough with ork yet to know how to pull this off in the schematics in a polished way like Malbers. I know RPG Builder 2.0 has just added this feature, but i much prefer ork3.
  • I read on the discord that Tikal has used the official GKC integration to connect ABC and Malbers into Game kit controller and has then integrated these systems himself to have them all working well alongside ORK.
    An official integration like this would be amazing because between those kits you have instant access to every move set imaginable as well as animations for those moves. Paired with orks systems and versatility, it would be a game changer in how quickly and deeply someone could prototype and get their AROG games running with ork.

    I understand that it is possible to create many of these systems in schematics, but those assets devs have spent years creating and tweaking their moves and animations, it would be amazing to have instant access to that alongside ork, and would dramatically lower the time required and barrier for entry to create polished moves with ORK even for those still learning how to use schematics well.

    It sounds like they work well together from what I’ve read with Tikal’s integration and they don’t conflict.
    I’m pretty sure I read on their discord that Mozza from abc is already planning on using Tikal’s integration as a base to provide official support from his end.
    It would be fantastic if Malbers, Game kit controller and GIL could get in touch with each other and consider using Tikal’s integration as a basis to make it official and give all 4 communities access to the combination of these systems. I’m sure ORK users would be happy with it, but also the extensive amount of users in their communities too: to be able to have access to a deep RPG system like ORK to connect to their games. In my mind there wouldn’t be a more powerful asset combination anywhere else on the UAS, particularly for ARPGs.

    I know you’re currently on holiday GIL and hope you’re having a well deserved break.
    When you’re back on the forums if you would consider this, i know of many in the community would be very excited!
  • What you could do is make the "combined" mount + character be a conditional prefab. This new prefab can just have a controller designed around the mount without your normal controller, and then just spawning in the conditional prefab / removing and spawning the normal prefab would handle switching.

    That's under the assumption you're not hooking that controller into other systems (like auto movement, additional schematics) and it's just being used as something like a new field controller.

    One way is that you can associate an interaction machine with defined input key and have that machine's schematic set the value and spawn the conditional prefab (or remove it and spawn the normal one).
  • @GuSt
    Right now I don't have enough time to twerk around but yeah coul be great to use malbers works easyly^^
    Right now only want to try to use the horse assets of synty studio ^^
    @Acissathar Thats a good idea ,I had totally forgotten this story of the conditional prefab^^

    It will only be a mont for field movement , the mount will prevent battle aswell ,pretty sure I can set this easyly with condition like if the mountprefab is active then no battle occurs or something like this.^^

    Any idea of ​​answers to my previous post on the fight? I have a lot of trouble with the camera in combat. In almost every battle, the camera is not in the same location despite the selected camera view being the same.Any idea why?
  • Horse Animset Pro is Malbers' main controller and it already has integration with the big three motion controllers (Opsive, Invector, Ootii). If it's just for field movement, it's trivial to set those up to work with ORK — they pretty much work out-of-the-box and the whole "motion controller" is just a component you can toggle off when you transition to battles.
  • Generally (not for a specific product) it's pretty simple to switch controls - you just need to register and enable the mount controls and unregister and disable the player controls. E.g.:

    Mount's Side
    - spawn your mount (if it's not already there)
    - use a Control Component node to register the mount's control component with ORK (if you want to have ORK manage it being enabled/disabled)
    - maybe enable the mount's control component using an Enable Component node (e.g. if it's initially disabled on the mount)

    Player's Side
    - either use a Control Component node to remove the player's control component or use a Change Player Control node to switch to a None control (if you're using built-in controls)
    - probably disable the player's control component using an Enable Component node

    Alternatively, you can also use Component Manager components to enable/disable components on your game objects based on conditions. E.g. via a game state Mounted being set.
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  • Ok seems pretty simple this way =)
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