Hey @gamingislove and Everyone,

Can someone share a simple schematic for how to move the player from point A to point B - as if you hit a trigger in-game, which then blocks player control and automatically walks them to another gameObject.. like walking down a path and seeing a treasure and walking towards it. Sort of like a cutscene.

  • I'm pretty sure the Change Position node is what you're after. Maybe this tutorial helps.
  • @Scyra - thanks friend! Trying it out now! I can get NPC’s to move around, even randomly with waypoints - it’s getting the Player or ORK players to move. Looking into your advice now! Thanks as always friend!
  • Resolved - for future searchers, here’s the flow:

    My scene uses NavMesh, and baked with its obstacles etc - as it would need to be for any terrain you come up with.

    I added a NavMesh Agent component to my characters prefab (all of the main cast actually for future events)

    Then in Makinom, I started with the Is on NavMesh node (and used Starting Object as in my case the player starts the machine that kicks things off) - this checks to ensure the character is on a NavMesh to kick things off. Now I needed to guide my player down a specific path that was lined with a broken fence, it went up and down hills and turned every now and then. I used Set NavMesh Path nodes (again with Starting Object for the player) and set the value via position (x,y,z) - being that my path turned, I had to set about five of these waypoint nodes (what I’m calling them now) with a Wait node after each with respective time to how long it took player to reach them. This is because otherwise the character would continue in a straight line to the destination, setting multiple points needs the wait or it would just execute the last point and not turn the character where I needed him to go. I used Mecanim for animation, and a blend tree for idle, walk and run states - simply setting Speed using a NavMesh Destination node (believe it’s just about the same as NavMesh Path with more options) - got me the desired fast walk animation I wanted.

    I’m sure plenty of new folks want to do in game events or cutscenes - this works good and you can add so much more with camera nodes for position etc. For me, I wanted to be able to quickly create in game events - like mini cutscenes - that were launched by interaction machine triggers or auto machines, even collision machines would be good - to move my player to a location, and bring NPCs in and all that good stuff. This was a great start. Let me know if anyone needs more in depth support on this!
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