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I don't know if it's covered, I couldn't find it tho...
But how do you assign, helmet, right hand, left hand etc. on a custom model?
Currently my model got his own weapon. But I don't know how to replace it.
Plus with the normal functions like in the tutorial my characters short sword is floating between his legs.
Can someone help me with this?
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  • You have to use the equipment viewer component...http://orkframework.com/game-tutorial/2013/11/17/26-displaying-equipment/

    you assign in the inspector which component to link to and when you in the framework navigate to the inventory section and on your weapons and more specify which equipment part that particular prefab should go to..(E.g you created a power glove you set it to the right hand etc)

    hope that helps!
  • I guess I'm a bad reader.
    How did I miss this?! I'll check this out when I'm from work.
    Don't really have internet at home... So, it was hard finding this on my phone... lol

    Thank you very much!
  • lol it happens..about 3 times for me so far lol...no prob
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