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I feel like I’ve messaged quite a few times with customer support questions but I just want to say thanks for what you’ve created @gamingislove. I know on a forum like this where there are so many questions being answered it’s easy for problem solving to feel like the primary type of interaction that you have with the community.

But your support here has been very appreciated, on the discord it’s well known that you get back to everyone within a day with answers on the forum, it’s already helped my team mates and I several times overcome speed bumps in the learning process. My team-mates and I are very happy to have made the transition to Ork.

After learning what I have about the systems, i can imagine that you’ve put a LOT of problem solving capacity and energy into creating this, but it’s definitely worth it seeing how well it works. It's made being able to create the games that we enjoy a much more positive process.

I hope that you and the framework keep doing very well. Cheers for all that you do for Ork and the users.
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  • The forum is becoming a good knowledge base thanks to all the questions and answers. As a result, I've been able to help myself most of the time. Anyway, I agree with everything you said—thanks, Gil!
  • Thanks, I really appreciate it :)

    ORK's been ongoing since 2010 and the community/user feedback and input has been a main driving point for it's development. Half of the features probably wouldn't be there without someone asking how to do it :D
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