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So I've updated to latest Makinom 2.6.0. Apparently saving existing settings in Currency doesn't work. After saving any changes, it will just roll back to the previous ones.
Changes are only saved when creating new currencies. This issue actually happens with any other tab. I can't modify any of the 'Default' set up GUI boxes, items or anything else.
Don't see this even reported anywhere...
Edit: on 3rd created row, it seems to save correctly, just the first 2 are useless.
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  • Thanks, that fixed the issue.
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    By the way, there is another bug with 'New Game Settings' - 'Start Schematic'.

    It runs the schematic when the game starts by default. You have to remove it and have the 'New Game Settings' just change scene and start the schematic in new scene, otherwise it will just launch whatever is in it, e.g. starting UI and stuff during Main Menu.
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  • If your game starter has Start Game enabled it'll run the start schematic. Otherwise only when selecting New Game in the start menu.
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