I know I can drop down to code to accomplish what I want to do, but it looks like some or most of the functionality could be done in the editor. I'm trying to learn what I can and can't do in the editor.

here is what I'm looking to do:
* when a player controlled combatant's turn starts mouse movement indicates targeting and inspection.
* targeting:
* set waypoint. implies move to location: ground only, walkable area of navmesh.
* icon drawn on ground (moves with mouse).
* inspection:
* combatants, interactable objects, etc.
* mouse pointer changes based on what is moused over.
* display information based on what is moused over.

would this "mode" be an ability (or multiple)?

here's more information to give a little context. don't need to tackle most of this now.
at each waypoint the user can use one or more abilities (picked from battle menu for now).
setting waypoints should happen right away, but the abilities should be run based on battle settings (so in my case at end of round).

* player's turn starts.
* player moves the mouse with intent on putting down a waypoint.
* ground icon is drawn indicating if a waypoint is allowed. follows mouse.
* player clicks mouse button at desired location.
* a waypoint is put at location. it is "selected".
* player uses battle menu to pick an ability. ability requires a combatant target.
* player uses the mouse to select combatant.
* (continue putting down waypoints as long as there is enough AP).
* player ends turn.

I'm using turn based battle (classic, dynamic combat).

ORK: 3.5.0
Unity: 2021.3.7f1

  • Waypoints can be set up using abilities.
    In the Target Selection Settings of the ability, use the None target range and use Raycast Targeting. The clicked position is available in the schematics as the Starting Object (creates an empty game object there), so you can check if that is available or not and move there in the schematic.

    The mouse cursor for this needs to be done with either a custom script or a schematic that runs automatically (e.g. a global machine as Auto type, executed based on game states or other conditions).
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