When a loot table drops more than 1 of the same item, a single prefab/item collector is spawned which represents that quantity of that item.
Is there a way to have it spawn multiple prefabs/collectors, one for each, instead of combining them into a single prefab/collector?
I have use cases for both, so hopefully a way that can be set case-by-case.
  • If you've enabled Use Stack Type in the settings managing the gains collection (e.g. in your battle system), the loot will use the stack type that's defined for the item (or globally in the inventory settings).
    However, when you set that to automatically split into individual items, they're also in the inventory as individual single items.

    The alternative is to add single item quantities to the loot tables.
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  • I almost started to do it that way, and then I got lost in my head.
    That'll work just fine. Thanks again (again)!
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