Hello ORKnauts,

can someone please help me on how would be a C# script to change inventory items type? I don't want to use any input keys but simple buttons.
E.g. my inventory menu screen is ID:4 and I will put Item type IDs:1,2,3,4,5. I'll have unity toggle buttons to switch between them.

  • You can use the menu screen part's SetOverrideType function for this, e.g.:
    MenuScreen screen = ORK.MenuScreens.Get(screenID);
    screen.part[partIndex].SetOverrideType(null, new List<int>() { 1 }, true);

    screenID is the ID/index of the menu screen.
    partIndex is the index of the menu part you want to access (e.g. 0 if it's the first added menu part of the menu screen).
    The available types are provided by an int list, containing the ID's of the item types.
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  • Thanks a lot!
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