hi im new with makinom ork and im trying to make a Xcom style game,i found a tutorial for Ork 2 and im using Ork 3.im having problems following the ork 2 tutorial schematichs.Is there any tutorial for grid 3d updated to Ork 3?thanks in advance
  • Not currently. If you look at the grid tutorial for ORK 2, you'll notice it's built on top of the main tutorial series. For ORK 3 the main series is 3D RPG Playground. You can use the completed 3D RPG Playground as a base to follow the 2D Grid Battle RPG tutorials. Obviously you're not going to do things like change your XZ axis, and you'll be using grid cell prefabs from the documentation.

    The ORK 2 Grid Battles tutorials are a useful reference; you can follow them at the same time, but generally defer to the 2D Grid Battle RPG tutorials. This is the one really important schematic you have to try to understand:


    And only the Change Position node requires special adjustment. You'll notice that if you disable that node, Set Grid Cell Combatant will simply warp the player perfectly to the desired cell. So, Change Position is the node that handles all your in-between cell-to-cell movement.
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    I'm also interested in doing a 3D grid battle project.
    So the steps to diverge from the 3d rpg playground tutorial would be like Battle schematics, battle system, battle / grid components.

    The way the battle end in 2d grid tutorial is setup I guess works for an xcom style that when all enemies are defeated return you to base/town. Can you setup respawn combatants to be turn based so you can stay in a scene to farm / move to another scene changer within the battle?

    Also to make the entire scene a grid battle in 3d when it isnt set on tiles like the 2d grid? So to lay out 3d grid on normal 3d terrain and have the entire scene be a battle?

    If the above is possible, so can basically play in the same scene grid battle with respawns indefinitely, is there a setting or can use schematic to loot enemies as they die without the actual battle ending? So the entire game is a nonstop grid battle.

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  • Grid battles work like all other battles, i.e. you can also stay in the same scene, have the grid appear at the start of the battle and be removed at the end. E.g. you can just add battle grids to the 3D RPG playground project and have grid battles in it. Grids can also cover the whole scene (though check the different range settings in Battles > Battle System > General Settings, e.g. disabling limiting battles/AI to a range).

    The most crucial difference between 2D and 3D is to keep the Game > Game Settings default horizontal plane and raycast types for 3D games (XZ plane and First 3D raycasts).

    The game being a nonstop battle would only be possible if an alive enemy remains, e.g. spawning more enemies in again and again. There are also auto join settings to have combatants automatically join a running battle when coming close enough to the player.
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